Hip Hop Classes

Here at our dance studio, we are dedicated to promoting athleticism, artistry, confidence, friendship, and discipline - skills that will benefit each student beyond the dance room-within a fun and nurturing environment. Whether your child is interested in our competitive dance classes or wants to join in on the fun in our recreational hip hop classes, we provide the professional dance instruction they need.

Hip hop dance was developed in America by inner-city African Americans. This dance form is full of fun and soul! This is a fairly new dance that become popular as rap and hip-hop music came on the scene in the 1970s. While hip hop may appear "easy" to our young dancers, hip hip is all about rhythm. In these dance lessons, we will be able to allow your child to express themselves while also teaching them how to follow a beat during choreography and freestyle dance.

To learn more about our kids dance classes and the benefits of each style, call our dance school!